In the water

The water sports lake is only 15 metres deep so it is the ideal place to train divers. It is also an excellent place for trying out new techniques, equipment and apparatus. It is easy to practise and keep up diving techniques there. A diving bell and a molecule through which you can dive are fine "attractions" for divers. At Zilvermeer you can also learn to compass dive free of danger. The lake is not too big so you can always reach the shore without any problem.

The water sports lake is even accessible for disabled people. They can easily be moved in and out of the water using a special hoist.

Under the water

The low pH value of the water in the water sports lake means that there is no fauna or flora. But there is still lots to see under water! The peaceful underwater world is a splendid setting for discovering works of art. You can admire various paintings and sculptures at the bottom of the lake in the "Underwater park for fine art".

Against the backdrop of your own breathing, the irritations of your busy life melt away and you become one with the light, the water, the art ...

You can find more information on the site of the Underwater park for fine arts.